What’s Included in Your Ticket

Keynote Presentations

Keynote presentations from investors, founders, authors, storytellers, and tech advisors will give you a perspective from many different lens.

TEDx-style Presentations

The highlight of the conference: short, pointed TEDx-style power presentations. They’re raw, gritty and will challenge you to approach challenges in a whole new light.

Power Networking Breakfast

Network with others in tech, in an intimate and upbeat setting, including coffee and a light breakfast. We’ll guide you through introductions with fun icebreakers and exercises.

Fireside Chats

Catch incredible speakers in a casual, moderated chat with a popular journalist.

Kick-off Cocktail Party

Mingle among the art exhibits at the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco, kick off your shoes and dance, and see high tech’s influence in real life, like a car grown from seeds and an interactive dress. The gallery has dozens of fascinating exhibits to explore! Enjoy an open bar, food, music, exhibits, activities, and more. Every ticket includes admission to the cocktail party.

Free Online Networking

Free pre- and post- event networking is available to all—even if you don’t have a ticket yet! Meet conference attendees virtually, before and after the event. Download the Bizzabo app here to get started.

Closing Happy Hour

Celebrate an incredible event with several hundred of your closest friends!

Meditation Center

Take a break in our relaxation center.


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